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☞ Player Information;
Name: Amelia
Player Journal: [personal profile] celesta
Age: 17
Contact: aim: umbran eyes
Other characters currently played at Ryan's Gulch: n/a.

☞ Character Information;
Character Name: Oerba Dia Vanille
Canon: Final Fantasy XIII
OU or AU?: OU
Canon point: directly before her battle with her Eidolon, Hecatoncheir.

Setting: Given the vastness and complication of Vanille's world, I'm going to be lazy and link it!

History: step into the rainbow

Personality: "You said it made you happy when I smiled, didn't you?"

We first meet Vanille under rather pressing conditions. The entirety of the city of Bodhum had been purged, cursed to live on the treacherous lands down below called Pulse. A large number of people had just died, and Hope, a young boy, had just seen his mother fall to her death. Vanille strips herself of her purging outfit, and turns to smile. She then hugs Hope, telling him that it's 'too much', and for him to 'worry about it later'.

This is a rather defining character moment for Vanille. We see many traits of her that crop up later in this one scene, traits that don't arise until later. Vanille is able to smile, even in dire times. She is the heart of the team, always there to give an optimistic word of confidence or cheer someone up with her almost strange, ethereal perkiness. She's perky to the point that some of her behavior may seem erratic or odd — maybe forced, or alien.

Vanille is a compassionate person, a girl that loves everyone and everything in the world. She doesn't mean harm to anything, at least not intentionally. She doesn't want to see anyone in pain, especially on her part. Vanille will occasionally play encourager, enabler, and counselor, especially for the young, lost Hope. Vanille wants to help, in any way she can.

"I might as well have tried to stop the rain. I fought the tears... but they still fell."

However, another side of Vanille does crop up from her opening scene. We can clearly see her escapist ways, her tendency to run away from her own problems. Vanille is always running. Whether it be from the people of Cocoon, or from her own fate, she's running.

Vanille was a l'cie prior to the Bodhum incident, a l'cie of Pulsian origin, a danger to the entirety of Cocoon. This is a fact Vanille is fully aware of, yet always fails to mention to the others in the party. This is because she hopes there will never be a reason to tell them. Vanille wishes that her problems could just blow over, that if she does nothing, if she willingly does not do her focus and becomes a Ci'eth, maybe everything will be okay. However, it can never be that simple.

Vanille is a liar — an amazing actress. She's able to adapt, able to be empathetic to those around her, and form herself around the role she'd been given, as a l'cie formed by the fal'cie in Bodhum. Vanille is also a coward, citing that she was 'always afraid'. In truth, Vanille actually loathes herself quite a bit for the things she's done, for the treacheries she's caused. She never lets these things on, however; she is a master of bottling up her own emotions. This is often why some of her behavior may seem a bit off. While she is a happy person, she tends to exaggerate it, to help cover up her own sad emotions. And despite how great of an actress she is, she really is quite emotional, and a huge crybaby. Fang claims that she cries in her sleep almost every night.

However, there are times when her facade begins to fail, when she's unable to hold all the emotions she's been carrying on her shoulder. This can be seen in her relationship with the Farrons and Snow. When she begins to forge a friendship with Serah prior to the game's beginning, she can't help but to hug her, to apologize to her. She is the reason she'd been branded a l'cie, at least partly. Of course, the reason for this is a complete mystery to Serah. Due to Serah's branding, which is the reason and motivation for Lightning and Snow through most of the game, she distances herself from them, unable to deal with the guilt she carries of her being the one who took her from them.

"Knowing you'll always be welcomed, no matter how much has changed... That's what having a home is all about."

Vanille desires acceptance — she desires to love and be loved by people. She places a strong value on family and friends, knowing full well the effects she's had on the Farron and Katzroy family because of her own actions. However, she also feels that she does not deserve these things, since, in her eyes, everything is entirely her fault.

Vanille fails to realize that not everything that has happened is her fault. While her involvement did lead to some of the things in the narrative, most of these are things that she was completely unable to help, beyond her control. The control lied in the fal'cie's hands. Once she comes clean and lets her true motives known to the rest of the party — and the fact that she lied about their focus to Fang — they accept her. Despite being such a hopeful person, Vanille really does need to be a bit brighter about herself and how others see her.

On the subject of her relationship with others, a very key person in Vanille's character is Fang, her best friend and a Pulse L'cie as well. Vanille has been friends with Fang since childhood, and they grew up together in their home city of Oerba. In many ways, they are reliant on each other, to the point of symbiosis; they have to have each other to exist properly. They are so dependent on each other that, when Fang went to become a l'cie, Vanille couldn't bear the idea of being away from her, so she tagged along to become one as well. Vanille finds it difficult to function when she and Fang are split up. This is one of the main reasons she latches on to Hope, who she takes the role of big sister to, and Sazh, who she acts as a replacement for his lost son, Dajh. Vanille is essential to the party because, like herself, everyone else has lost someone important to them. Vanille helps to allay that pain, alleviate their worries, and form another form of symbiosis — one more akin to that of a family. Vanille is the cornerstone for the ragtag, motley family that the 6 party members had been forced in to.

"I'm not all smiles and sunshine!"

Vanille can be somewhat careless and impulsive, a thing that has even been cited by Fang. Confident, and maybe a bit cocky, Vanille exudes a carefree sense. She can also be rather sassy, quick to put her hands on her hips and tease or taunt, whether it be a friend or an enemy. It's probably some strange mixture of her more primitive raising on Pulse and the act she puts on.

Vanille is pretty tough physically, too. You see that strange pelt skirt thing she wears? She slayed a bear, all by herself, to get that pelt. Despite being a mage type character, Vanille is athletic and does not pull any punches physically, and is able to hold her on in a battle, so long as she has some kind of weapon. She's able to fend for herself in the wild with her funny hunting rod thing, a complicated weapon that she's able to use skillfully.

Despite what Vanille thinks, she actually is a strong and brave person, always ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of someone else. She is even willing to wait out her focus and become a Cie'th, which is basically a zombie, so that no one will get hurt because of her destructive focus. She wants to atone for the bad things she does, and will do whatever is necessary to do that — even if it means mindlessly wandering Cocoon as a zombie. Vanille really is a good person, just someone who has been thrust in a lot of dire, horrible situations. In the end, she is very human, above all else, and wants to correct the mistakes that she's made as well as stop the fal'cie, who have caused nothing but sadness for many people. She simply wants peace.


Vanille's Crystarium
Vanille's Eidolon

However, due to her canon point, Vanille will not have all of her Crystarium abilities, and will not have access to her Eidolon at all. She will also have her funny fishing rod thing she uses as a weapon.

Vanille will pretty much only use her abilities to defend herself! In this setting, though, that could mean she'll be using it a lot. I think, because of her abilities and the nature of how they're procured, she'll be pretty wary of plasmids, knowing the permanent repercussions things like that can lead to. That, and she kind of doesn't need them because of the abilities she already has!

How did your character arrive in Rapture?
via teleportation plasmid.

Why are you choosing to continue your character's development here from another RP?

Network sample:


Ah, did I figure it out? [ Vanille rudely taps at the screen. Now you probably know how fish feel ] I think I did! Go me, hehe! This funny little radio thing can't beat me!

Um.. I guess I'll keep this short! Don't wanna talk your ears off or anything. I'm looking for someone! A couple people, actually! There names are Fang, Lightning, Hope, Sazh, and Snow. [ She looks contemplative for a moment, a finger to her chin. ] How to describe them.. Hm.. Fang's pretty tall! I guess that's not too descriptive though, huh? She's got messy hair, and a lance.. Lightning's pretty grumpy, but you can tell she's got a good heart deep down! Hope's a tiny little fellow, but really cute! Don't tell him I said that, though. [ a giggle. She can just imagine the face he'd have if he heard her. ] Sazh's got real poofy hair. A little chocobo even lives inside it! And Snow, he's a real hulking guy! But he's squishy, if you know what I mean.

Just tell 'em Vanille's looking for them! Ah, and it's nice to meet everyone!

[ an excited wave. ] Ciao!

Log sample:

The concept of a whole new world to explore was a novel idea to Vanille. Even more, a city under the sea.. it sounded almost romantic. Then again, for the last who knows how long, she'd been a crystal on a utopia in the sky. Either way, the fact that she came here with a clean slate — a place where people didn't even know what l'cie were — gave her a mixed bag of feelings.

She had to finish what she had started. It was the only true way of atonement, wasn't it? She had to get back home. But still, being away from it all, all the chaos that rested on her shoulders, was a liberating feeling. She had to try hard not to succumb to it, not to relish in this temporary respite.

Vanille rolled over restlessly in her bed, turning away from the filtered light shining through the blinds. More than anything, it felt so lonely here without her friends. 'Friends'. When did she start thinking of them like that? She hadn't noticed until now how much she relied on them — how much of a family they had become. Vanille wondered how they would function without her. Would it bother them that much? Surely it would, it would have to. Vanille had become the glue that stuck the six together; the heart of the team, and now they had a common goal. She had come clean, and they hadn't rejected her because of it. They would miss her, she was sure of it. And that's what hurt the most about it; the time when she was most needed, most wanted, she was unable to be present.

She buried her head under the covers, lightly sighing. She was tired of waiting. Waiting was all she ever did. Now, it was all she could do. Irony had a funny way of doing things.

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